Coloring Techniques

The beauty of Inka Shade is what you bring to each design, it does not require expensive coloring tools, only your imagination. You are the artist, this is your masterpiece. 

Test all colors and mixing techniques on the test sheet provided before coloring on your design to ensure success. 

Markers bring you bright, bold colors, their variety of tip styles and sizes allow you to fill all the large and small areas with ease. Allow colors to dry before laying another color over the same area. 

Crayons lay down smoothly and fill large areas with ease and are very good for blending colors and shading. 

Colored Pencils offer you versatility in shading, blending and texture in smaller areas. Use soft leaded pencils with Inka Shade, Crayola® Twistable® Colored Pencils are an excellent choice for brighter colors due their soft and waxy "lead". 

Mixing Media is a great way to bring depth and variety to your design, using marker over top of colored pencils, or filling large areas with crayons and small areas with markers, there are endless possibilities. 

Trial Run
Print your design from our site and test your color schemes, it's a great way to plan the look before you commit to the final Inka Shade. 

Create texture using lines, dots or crosshatching before filling an area in completely. 

Leave some areas of unfilled color or fill them with a much lighter tone to create a highlight, this will give the object some dimension and realism. Make sure you also give it a shadow in the opposite direction. 

Use a darker shade of color and create shadows or darker edges along one side, if you include a highlight it will complete your dimensional effect. 

The key to successful shadow and highlighting is to choose where your light source, or sun is shining from, this way you can give your dimensional effect some order.